Wooden lamps

Wooden lamps

Amazing Lamps

Many details make our lamps unique.


For the production of lamps we use ash wood, it is one of the oldest tree species, characterized by high hardness and rich graining and resistance to weather conditions.

Made in Poland

The lamps are produced in Poland. Every detail in the lamp is carefully thought out, each color individually selected. Lamps are available in three shades, natural, bleached and wenge.


The most modern RGBW diodes - multi-colored with warm color. The lamp can shine in many colors, which stimulates the imagination of the child and encourages creative play.


Careful finish of details. Accessories for hanging the lamp mounted separately, only when we want to hang lamp.

Remote control

Remote control included, you can change colors and light intensity. In the set a remote control holder mounted on the wall.


Additional switch on the cable makes it possible to switch on/off the light without the remote control. The last selected color and light intensity will be memorized.

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